Nadim Saad

The Working Parents' Guide: To Raising Happy and Confident Children

Nadim Saad

Talk: The Working Parents' Guide: To Raising Happy and Confident Children

Working parents often battle with time pressure and guilt of being away from their children. Parenting coach Nadim Saad discusses how time-poor parents can make family life less stressful and more enjoyable. Quickly learn and apply step-by-step solutions to common parenting challenges including whining and arguing, homework battles, tantrums and lack of cooperation. Help your children become happy, confident and responsible. Build a stronger relationship with your children and maintain it as they grow.

Nadim Saad

Nadim is a Parenting Coach and the co-author of books that were highly acclaimed. Nadim left his corporate career so he and his wife are now devoting their lives to turning their years of research into effective parenting tools to share, support and guide other parents. They founded the Best of Parenting company to offer services to parents' needs with courses, private sessions, an App and website.

Raising Confident Kids: 10 Ways to Foster Self-esteem and Avoid Typical Parenting Mistakes

Raising Confident Kids will equip you to avoid common pitfalls and create positive parenting habits. Bestselling parenting coach Nadim Saad draws on the latest research in child psychology, neuroscience and the Growth Mindset to offer parents 10 practical ways to nurture their children's self-esteem and ensure that they grow to become happy and confident adults.

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