Carine McCandless

The Wild Truth and the Socialization of Domestic Violence

Carine McCandless

Talk: The Wild Truth and the Socialization of Domestic Violence

Carine McCandless, sister of literary icon Christopher McCandless, visits Google to discuss how social media in today's world aids in perpetuating domestic violence. Carine also shares the true story behind her brother's ill-fated 1992 journey into the Alaskan wilderness. Chris's story was adapted into the critically-acclaimed book and film "Into the Wild," which has been read and viewed by millions. Carine explains how a hidden family history of domestic violence led Chris to abandon his relationships and possessions and venture alone into the wilderness.

Carine Mccandless

Carine McCandless is an entrepreneur, author, activist, and mother. She is the sister of literary icon Chris McCandless, and she consulted closely with Jon Krakauer on his bestselling book "Into the Wild" and with Sean Penn on his film adaptation of the book. Carine’s memoir, "The Wild Truth," was released in November 2014 and quickly became a NYT bestseller.

The Wild Truth

The Wild Truth is an important book on two fronts: It sets the record straight about a story that has touched thousands of readers, and it opens up a conversation about hideous domestic violence hidden behind a mask of prosperity and propriety.

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