Ferran Adrià

The Family Meal

Ferran Adrià

Talk: The Family Meal

While Ferran Adrià is better known for his innovative and ground breaking gastronomic creations, this highly anticipated new book reveals, for the first time, his secrets for creating delicious, seasonal, and simple home cooked meals. At Google, he talks about why he thinks he doesn't know a lot about cuisine, abou creativity, and about his legendary 3-star restaurant elBulli.

Ferran Adrià

Ferran Adrià was the head chef of the famous elBulli restaurant on the Costa Brava and is considered one of the best and most influential chefs in the world. He also authored many books about his cuisine.

The Book

Generously illustrated with specially commissioned photographs of the dishes, preparation, the kitchen and the chefs, The Family Meal is both a practical collection of simple, delicious recipes and an insight into one of the most important rituals at the world's most innovative restaurant.

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