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Soul Pancake NYC

Rainn Wilson

Talk: Soul Pancake NYC

The Authors@Google program welcomed Rainn Wilson to Google's New York office to discuss his book, 'Soul Pancake". Based on the popular website, www.SoulPancake.com, the new book urges readers to get creative and dig deep into topics such as love, sex & relationships; life & death; art & creativity; the brain & the soul; and science & technology. Packed with thought-provoking essays, bold questions, and mind-bending art from nearly 100 up-and-coming artists, the book takes you on a creative and philosophical journey.

Rainn Wilson

For nine seasons Rainn Wilson played Dwight Schrute, everyone's favorite work nemesis and beet farmer. Viewers of The Office fell in love with the character & grew to love the actor who played him even more. Rainn founded a website and media company, SoulPancake, that eventually became a bestselling book of the same name. He also started a hilarious Twitter feed that now has more than 4 million followers.

Soul Pancake

Somewhere over the course of history, chewing on Life’s Big Questions lost its cool factor. Fortunately for mankind, Rainn Wilson (best known for playing Dwight Schrute on NBC's The Office) and a bunch of his friends are on a mission to change that.

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