Bryan Lee O'Malley


Bryan Lee O'Malley

Talk: Seconds

Bryan Lee O'Malley stops by Google to discuss his new book, Seconds, and his broader career. Bryan is also the artist behind Scott Pilgrim from the Scott Pilgrim vs. The World novels.

Bryan Lee O'Malley

Bryan Lee O'Malley is a Canadian cartoonist; best known for the Scott Pilgrim series and a musician using the alias Kupek. His first original graphic novel was Lost at Sea in 2003. He released the final volume for the Scott Pilgrim series in 2010; which the film adaptation was directed by Edgar Wright the same year. In July 2014, his graphic novel Seconds was released.

Seconds: A Graphic Novel

Katie’s got it pretty good. She’s a talented chef, runs a successful restaurant, and has big plans to open an even better one. Then progress on the new location bogs down, her ex-boyfriend pops up, her fling with another chef goes sour, and her best waitress gets badly hurt. Katie’s life goes from pretty good to not so much...until she’s given a second chance.

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