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New Instrumental Tango Music

JP Jofre

Talk: New Instrumental Tango Music

Music that soars with energy and then sears into your soul is what makes JP Jofre not only the premiere bandoneón player of the modern age but a visionary composer, taking his New Tango chamber music in exciting, innovative directions. “Manifiesto", the name of the album that features all these compositions marks the first CD with all original music by Jofre. Band members: JP Jofre (bandoneon and compositions), Pablo Cafici (piano), Amy Kang (cello), Chris Johnson (double bass), Lara St. John (guest violinist). They were joined by guest dancers Line Haddad and Diego Blanco.

Jp Jofre

Argentinean bandoneon player and composer “J.P.” Jofre has been repeatedly highlighted by the New York Times and praised as one of today’s leading artists by Great Performers at Lincoln Center.