Barry Katz

Make it New: A History of Silicon Valley Design

Barry Katz

Talk: Make it New: A History of Silicon Valley Design

The 1979 Palo Alto telephone directory listed every design office in Northern California—all 9 of them! Today, there are, arguably, more design professionals working in the San Francisco Bay Area than anywhere else in the world. How, and why, did this transformation happen? How far back do we need to go to find the roots of the Silicon Valley/Bay Area design culture? And how do we account for the incredible diversity of professional practice today, and its unprecedented role in some of the most influential companies in the world? These are some of the questions Barry Katz sets out to answer in Make it New: The History of Silicon Valley Design.

Barry Katz

Barry M. Katz is a published research scholar, design historian, professor at the California College of the Arts and Stanford University, Fellow at IDEO Inc., and author.

Made it New: A History of Silicon Valley Design

Apple products are famously "Designed in California," but in this first-ever, extensively illustrated history, the role of design in Silicon Valley began decades before Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak dreamed up Apple in a garage. Offering a thoroughly original view of the subject, Katz tells how design helped transform Silicon Valley into the most powerful engine of innovation in the world.

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