Malachi Ray Rempen

Itchy Feet

Malachi Ray Rempen

Talk: Itchy Feet

Malachi Rempen, creator of the webcomic Itchy Feet, talks to the Google Zürich office about the creative process, language learning, life as an expat, and drawing stick-figure bean people.

Malachi Ray Rempen

Malachi Ray Rempen was born in Switzerland, but raised in Albuquerque. Malachi is the creator of ITCHY FEET, the comic about world travel, life as a foreigner, life with a foreigner, and learning new languages.

Itchy Feet : The travel & language comic

Itchy Feet is the weekly web comic about travel, life in foreign countries, and learning new languages. Readers can expect an astonishing array of exaggerated facial expressions, humorous situations involving foreigners and foreign lands, and ordinary silliness.

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