David Mcwilliams

Follow the Money

David Mcwilliams

Talk: Follow the Money

David McWilliams visited Google-Dublin and give a talk about his new book, "Follow the Money". David is a high profile economist, media columnist and former banker. He has authored two bestselling books "The Pope's Children" and "The Generation Game". This event took place on November 20th 2009

David Mcwilliams

David McWilliams is an Irish economist, writer, broadcaster and journalist. He is a faculty member of the Trinity College, Dublin business school.

Follow The Money

The Pope's Children are turning 30 and in the four years since David McWilliams introduced us to the generation that could have had it all, the Pope's Children have been betrayed. This book is about real people and how good people can be broken by bad economics.

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