Rachel Armstrong, Mitchell Joachim

Digital Art Show

Rachel Armstrong, Mitchell Joachim

Talk: Digital Art Show

From October 1st 2010, Rachel Armstrong and Mitchell Joachim talk about their art in the current Digital Art @Google art show ("We Write this to You from the Distant Future") on view in the Chelsea market lobby. First, Rachel Armstrong talks on "Living materials for the built environment" then at 37:40 Mitchell Joachim talks about his work at Terreform1.

Rachel Armstrong

Rachel Armstrong innovates and designs sustainable solutions for the built and natural environment using advanced new technologies such as, Synthetic Biology – the rational engineering of living systems - and smart chemistry.

Mitchell Joachim

Mitchell Joachim is acknowledged as an innovator in ecological design, architecture, and urban design. He is also a researcher, and architectural educator. Mitchell Joachim's specific professional interest has been adapting principles of physical and social ecology to architecture, city design, transport, and environmental planning.