Brian Schirmer, Jeremy Saliba

Black Jack Ketchum

Brian Schirmer, Jeremy Saliba

Talk: Black Jack Ketchum

Creators Brian Schirmer and Jeremy Saliba present their Image Comics title, Black Jack Ketchum, and describe how it came to be. In a dreamlike version of the Old West, Tom Ketchum struggles to clear his name—and stay alive—when he's mistaken for wanton outlaw "Black Jack" Ketchum. With the aid of his talking sidearm, a secretive gambler, and a mute girl with a Winchester, Tom evades the mysterious Union and its supernatural enforcers, the faceless Dusters, as he's forced to question his identity, his sanity, and his very existence.

Brian Schirmer

Brian Schirmer lucked into his San Francisco apartment before the market went berserk. From here he writes comics like BLACK JACK KETCHUM and the self-published ULTRASYLVANIA. He teaches comics writing at the university level, frequents watering holes where they know his name and beverage of choice, and lives with the girl of his dreams.

Jeremy Saliba

Jeremy graduated from the Academy of Art University in 2003 with a BA in Illustration/Animation. Since then I've enjoyed working on a variety of projects-everything from doing concept art for animation to illustrations for comics. I've also been teaching drawing and painting classes at my old alma mater since 2006.