Katherine Hitchcock

Atypical Girl Geek

Katherine Hitchcock

Talk: Atypical Girl Geek

Katherine Hitchcock visited Google’s office to discuss her book, “Atypical Girl Geek”. Katherine became a programmer at IBM in 1966 in what would eventually become the Silicon Valley. She’s witnessed the transformation of the tech industry during her long tenure with IBM and offers her unique perspective and insights by sharing tales from her journey where she paved the way in both innovation and diversity.

Katherine Hitchcock

Katherine Hitchcock studied math at the UW and joined IBM as a computer programmer in the mid-‘60s. Toward the end of her career in Silicon Valley, she and her late husband moved aboard and cruised a 38’ sailboat for twelve years on the east coast and the Caribbean. Retired now, she volunteers her time at the Seattle Rose Garden and in the P-Patch program.

Atypical Girl Geek: A Memoir

In 1966, from University of Washington and armed with a degree in mathematics and her vision of how to put information at our fingertips, Katherine Hitchcock arrived in Santa Clara County (renamed Silicon Valley) to work at the heart of IBM. Challenged to envision how computers could be used in the future, she and her team built the first online access to the library card catalog.

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