Josh Ruxin

A Thousand Hills to Heaven

Josh Ruxin

Talk: A Thousand Hills to Heaven

Part memoir, part history lesson, part discourse on how to make a public health project work using business standards, the story of Ruxin's life in Rwanda is riveting and inspirational. Ruxin, an adviser to government and business leaders on business strategy and economic development before becoming director of the Millennium Villages Project in Rwanda, narrates with assurance and gusto. The author includes horror stories of the 1994 genocide, but this account is essentially a positive one about how to succeed in ending poverty in the developing world.

Josh Ruxin

Josh Ruxin, MPH, PhD is an American businessman, writer, and founder of Health Builders. He is the author of A Thousand Hills to Heaven: Love, Hope, and a Restaurant in Rwanda.

A Thousands Hills to Heaven

Newlyweds Josh and Alissa were at a party and received a challenge that shook them to the core: do you think you can really make a difference? Especially in a place like Rwanda, where the scars of genocide linger and poverty is rampant? While Josh worked hard bringing food and health care to the country's rural villages, Alissa was determined to put their foodie expertise to work.

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